Team spirit and team dress code at ECC 2008

October 17, 2008

Sports and fashion find place in the chess playing hall through the new dress code.

This years ECC marks the beginning of a wonderful new development chess teams have a dresscode – matching shirts with logos, names and sponsors listed. The new dress codeis as pleasant to the eye as useful in increasing the teams name recognition and integrity.

Bellow you will see a dedicated photo report showing most of the teams newly found uniforms. Some uniforms can rival the sport shirts of football teams (Werder Bremen), others are as if taken out of a fashion magazine (Linex Magic , TammerShakki, Mendrisio), but most bet on a clean outline shirt with names and logos. The preferred colors by the chess teams are black, light blue, green and yellow. The only ones in red are Cwmbran and the organizing committee.

More photos you can see in the dress code gallery.

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