Six Teams With Perfect Score in Open Section After Three Rounds

October 20, 2008

The top seeded URAL Sverdlovskaya passed by another barrier, allowing only one draw to the team of Siroki Brijeg – Hering. Much more uncertainty was seen in the match between MIKA Chess Club and 4-time ECC winner Bosna Sarajevo. Being weakened after the unexpected cancelation of Alexander Morozevich, the Bosnian team still gave a stiff resistance. Baadur Jobava and Arman Pashikian brought a lead to MIKA, which proved to be decisive in spite of Magnus Carlsen’s rook blunder in the endgame against Sergei Movsesian. With this win, Movsesian enters top 10 in the Live Rating List provided by Hans Arild Runde. See also the video interview with Magnus Carlsen.

OSG Baden-Baden once again cleverly used pieces colors to score 4.5-1.5 against the very solid Novoborsky SK. For the Russian derby, Economist SGSEU-1 introduced FIDE Grand Prix leader Wang Yue on the first board against FINEK Gazprombank. He was held to a draw by Vadim Zvjaginsev, but Evgeny Tomashevsky, Ni Hua and Dmitry Andreikin won their games to deliver a 4.5-1.5 score in favor of team from Saratov.

Thanks to Andrei Volokitin and Sergey Volkov, TPS Saransk managed to outplay Zagreb CC by a small margin even after Goran Dizdar shocked Mikhail Kobalia on the last board. The 6th team with the perfect score after three rounds is the last-year champion Linex Magic who won 4.5-1.5 against the talented team of Werder Bremen. See the interview with Michael Adams, top board of Linex Magic.

Round 3 results
Round 3 standings
Photos and videos

Alexei Shirov and Gata Kamsky on top boards for URAL Sverdlovskaya

Azerbaijani derby on the first board in Alkaloid – Ashod Illit ended in a draw

Panevezys Chess Club

Merida Patrimonio de la Humanidad and Iretza Gros

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