Organizing Committee’s proposal for Teams’ Dress Code

August 1, 2008

PRESS RELEASE 01/08/2008 77 days to go.

Dear Chess friends,

?ere is the Organizing Committees proposal for Teams Dress Code during European Club Cup 2008. ECU and Organizing Committee encourages all the teams in a same sports appearance during the games. The T-shirts can be made by teams (in case there are not ready from previous events) or can be ordered from the Organizing Committee in a reasonable package price.

A. Number of board (Basic list)
B. Team logo
C. Team name

A. Player name
B. Competition logo or sponsor

The proposal for the Printing

T-Shirts Style and Quality

The proposal is Polo T-shirts (Fruit of the Loom). Any other firm can be used.

Orders can be made by the teams at least for 16 (8 x 2) T-Shirts for men event or 12 (6×2) for women event. Teams can choose between 10 different colors. Orders must include the teams or sponsors logo, names and boards of Players. Orders are possible until September 16th. For more details please contact the Organizing Committee.


Chess organizations should soon discuss a standardization of Teams Dress Code in major Chess Team events for the following reasons:

A more common and suitable appearance in the sports market
A more attractive picture for the MEDIA world wide
Better information for the spectators and the arbiters in the playing halls
Co-operation with major sports firms who may design special collection for the hundreds millions of chess players.
Better promotion of Sponsors and Chess Organizations
In the near future Clubs or National teams could add in the contracts with top chess players the commercial exploitation of their t-shirts.


Almost all the clubs registered for European Club Cup 2008 contact the Organizing Committee and made (following the invitation instructions) all the necessary arrangements for their coming in Halkidiki Greece.

The Organizing Committee thanks all the European Federations and the participating clubs for the good willing and co-operation in the pre-event preparation.

Concerning the visa invitations for the clubs who need it and they did not apply yet they are informed to do it the soonest to avoid any lateness in the procedures.

European Club Cup 2008
Organizing Committee
Thessaloniki Greece
Tel/fax: 2310 865778

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