European Club Cup winners, men

May 27, 2008

Bosna Sarajevo (BiH) are the team to hold the most titles from the European Club Chess Championships. They have won the trophey on four occasions – 1994, 1999, 2000, and 2002. The last title comes exactly from the site of this year’s ECC – Kallithea, Greece.

GM Michael Adams, GM Aleksei Shirov, GM Ivan Sokolov, GM Sergey Movsesian, GM Zdenko Kozul, and Teimour Radjabov were the stars of the team.

Winners of the European Club Cup

1975/76 Burevestnik Moscow, USSR and Solinger SG, Germany
1978/79 Burevestnik Moscow, USSR
1980/82 Spartakus Budapest, Hungary
1983/84 Trud Moscow, USSR
1985/86 CSKA Moscow, USSR
1987/88 CSKA Moscow, USSR
1989/90 CSKA Moscow, Russia and Solinger SG, Germany
1991/92 FC Bayern Munich, Germany
1993 Lyon Oyonnax, France
1994 Lyon Oyonnax, France and Bosna Sarajevo, BiH
1995 Chess Club Yerevan, Armenia
1996 Tattrangaz-Itil Kazan, Russia
1997 Ladya Azov, Russia
1998 S.V. Panfox, Netherlands
1999 Bosna Sarajevo, BiH
2000 Bosna Sarajevo, BiH
2001 Norilski Nikel, Russia
2002 Bosna Sarajevo, BiH
2003 NAO Chess Club, France
2004 NAO Chess Club, France
2005 Tomsk 400, Russia
2006 Tomsk 400, Russia
2007 Linex Magic-Merida, Spain

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